Merge two chests and get one larger chest, and make huge gains.
Decorate your churches.
Give yourself nyctophobia (fear of the dark).
The Woolen Meshes mod lets you "capture" an area of nodes, and place it as a single node.
Not technically a mod, but a great tool to see biome distribution in different mapgens/seeds.
Automate your farms, quarries, lights and more!
Play Portal in Minetest
Save time by removing water with sponges.
This mod adds a chess board and playing pieces.
Spice up the underground with the Caverealms_lite mod.
Bring your worlds to life with Mobs.
It's the little things that make a big difference.
Sometimes you just want a little extra color.
A better way to put out fires.
Say good bye to floating structures.
This mod creates a form of teleportation that is very well suited for subways and the like.
This mod adds all sorts of barbecued foods, both meat and veggie.
Quickly dig tunnels in a variety of shapes.
This mod creates fun cities to explore.
Repair your tools with a satisfying ring.


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