Add some decorative blocks to your worlds and be the envy of everybody on your block.
This mod adds an in game bot that can help with server moderation.
Spruce up all your builds with the great models and nodes that the home decor modpack adds.
This modpack adds a few completely unrelated items, writable books, new cross hair, and a notice system.
Can you outwit the alien lifeforms* that have reduced all of life to small "test tubes".
*Not included.
Having trouble finding coal, cook up some charcoal.
Advertise for you business, or your competitors business, I won't judge.
Create nearly unlimited designs for your flags with this mod.
Grow your very own Mese Crystals, guaranteed or your money back.
Why use ladders when you can use lifters?
Because walking is for n00bs.
Next time you want to avoid the attack of a mob, or another player, drink an invisibility potion.
Spice up your PVP worlds with these fun surprises.
Server admins, sell stuff without having to have stuff.
Add a little ambience to your worlds with this mod.
Use the pipeworks mod to sort and move items and save yourself time.
The Mesecons mod brings some automation controls to Minetest, and can be used with Pipeworks and Technic.
The technic mod adds a handful of tools and machines that can make your life a whole lot easier.
Part Frisbee, Part Boomerang, Part Saw-blade, it must be a Chakram.
Stop using wool to make your builds beautiful, paint anything* and fill your world with color.


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