This video isn't actually of the nametag mod.
Bring a little romance to your Minetest worlds with the love mod.
These sweet little lights really pack a punch, craft some up today.
The Glooptest mod adds several gems and a couple ores, plus a new fuel, treasure chests, tools, and more.
This mod adds a handful of new nodes and lots of decorative blocks that can be used to make your creations stand out from the masses.
The Crops mod adds several new crops, and an entirely new growing dynamic, keep your plants watered, or they'll shrivel up and die, but don't water them too much or they'll mold from too much water.
Express your individuality with your own clothing colors.
Sometimes you find yourself needing a little more portable storage than what you can carry on your person in game.
This mod adds twenty new decorative building nodes, no longer do you need to build houses out of just wood and cobble, decorate things up a little bit and build something pretty.
If you wanted to spice things up on your server and have a few classic games for people to play consider adding this mod.
Have you ever wanted better fences, that connected at the ends to the nodes they ran into, or walls that weren't a full node thick and also connected to adjoining nodes in a sane fashion.
Are you tired of building with just cubic nodes? if so the noncubic mod is just for you. This mod adds about a dozen noncubic shapes that you can make out of a number of materials and beautify your builds.
This is an older mod, but it still works just fine.


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