This mod adds campfires, 3d torches, flint, a lighter, oil lanterns and lantern oil, a smoke bomb and molotov cocktail.
Join me in looking at the More Chest mod for Minetest. This mod adds WiFi chests, shared chests, dropboxes, and secret chests.
Join me in looking at the award mod for Minetest. I'll also briefly show you how to create your own awards if you are a mod developer.
Lets take a look at the army mod for Minetest. Honestly hadn't ever looked at this mod before this video. It turns out to be really cool though. Its no longer being maintained and updated.
In this video I go over the bees/beekeeping mod. I do cheat a few times, using the /giveme command to get some elements of the mod, but a great little mod, l highly recommend this to anybody wanting to add a little extra realism to their worlds.
In this video I go over the HUD mod for Minetest, which gives you a hunger bar, and a health bar for armor, if equipped.
In this video I go over the installation and use of the non-spreading fire mod


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