Lesson 03 (About Me) updated Wed, 04/18/2018 - 13:59

     Hello my name is Nathan Salapat, I discovered Minetest back in September 2014, and recorded my first modding tutorial in the beginning of 2015.  Since then I've been recording tons of Minetest videos for Youtube. Most of them have been game play, but I've been consistent with modding tutorials as well.

     You might be wondering what makes me qualified to create a series such as this, and that's a good question to ask of anybody that is doing a training course. Well I've created a handful of mods, contributed to a handful more. In addition to that, I've recorded plenty of modding videos, and while none of them have been scripted I've not gotten many complaints about anything I covered.

     I'm a freelance artist, doing computer models and voice acting. I also dabble around with webdev for my website, and enjoy most tech related activities.

     My most recent project is this Minetest modding course. Unlike all my previous Minetest tutorials these videos are completely scripted and heavily edited, to keep them concise to the point and relatively error free.

I've enjoyed watching your videos and have had a lot of fun playing Minetest (P.S. The "Legend of Minetest" game is a great one to check out, if you haven't yet, though it may not be highly compatible with newer mods).

Anyway, thanks for your work supporting Minetest. I've done some mod editing but nothing major and I'm happy to see you put some content on-line to help. Thanks

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