220 to 360 video

360 degree image
Software Blender
Time Taken 5 Hours
License CC By-SA 4.0
Download Single-camera.zip

This setup was created for Robbie over at Cat5 Technology TV who wanted to merge two 220 degree videos into one 360 video without having to run through a bunch of steps and multiple programs. I'd previously done some 360 degree video for him for a different project so he contacted me with a question. Several hours later, around five, I had these two files. These files are created for use with a camera that shoots 220 degree video rather than full 360 degree. What the files allow you to do is take your raw video footage and put it onto a sphere in Blender and then render it out in different formats, equirectangular for example.
The Single-camera file has everything you'll need if you are using a single video feed. I've included two planes that you can texture with a background and optional logo so you don't have a big black section in the void where the camera recorded no data. Helpful Youtube Tutorial Video
The Dual-camera file has everything you'll need if you are trying to merge two videos filmed on 220 degree cameras. This isn't a fully drop and go solution, you'll have to tweak around rotations of the halves of the meshes to get your seams to be less noticeable, and you'll never get a fully perfect seam, it's simply not possible with this setup. Helpful Youtube Tutorial Video

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