I will be streaming March 7th, at 15:00 GMT

The Pixel Shadow

Creative: servers.minetest.tv:30000
Survival: servers.minetest.tv:30001
Xtreme: servers.minetest.tv:30002
LEGO: servers.minetest.tv:30005
Crappy: servers.minetest.tv:30007
Domes: servers.minetest.tv:30008
IRC (freenode): 
     The Pixel Shadow is a Family Friendly server brought to us by Catagory 5 TV. The Pixel Shadow has a youtube channel of their own, but sadly has not uploaded any new content in quite some time. With six, and growing, servers, there is probably a server that you'd find enjoyable, whether you want to build on creative, or fight for you life on Xtreme there is a server that is right for you.