Installing a bath fan

When I bought my house the upstairs bathroom had a bathfan, but it didn't work, no big deal I thought, just buy a new unit and replace the old one, easy peasy. Ya, not so much.

Installing Window Wells

     When I bought my house it had some water problems in the basement, nothing big, just a bit of water on the floor now and then.

Installing a Garage Door Lock

If you ever find yourself in the possession of a garage you might need to know how to replace the lock on the overhead door.

Kitchen Outlet Repair

I ran new wire to this outlet, what happened next will blow your socks off.

Tree Removal

     This post isn't going to be so much about how we took the tree down, but more about what I learned doing a time-lapse of the process.

Adding a second closet door

     My bedroom has only one closet, which admittedly is rather normal, but I want to turn that closet into a sound booth so I can do voice talent. Turning the closet into a sound booth means that I need to find another place to put my clothes and stuff.

Fire Pits

     This blog post is meant to give further instructions and fun information about the multiple firepits I've built, for a variety of reasons.

Throttling Internet on Linux

     Throttling your internet might seem crazy, I mean why would you ever want to have slow internet? Well consider this, you have multiple machines on the same network, a couple laptops, a few desktops, cell phones, tablets, you get the idea.

Fixing mesh problems in Minetest

     Okay, so that might not be the best title in the world, but in this blog post I'm going to be going over how to fix lighting issues with meshes exported from Blender and then used in the massively popular voxel game, Minetes

Minetest Modding video series

     Hey everybody, you and I both know you have some great ideas about how to improve Minetest. Well maybe improving Minetest is a little far fetched, not that it doesn't have room for improvement, but you probably have more ideas about mods that can be made*.


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