Spice up your diet with a handful of new fruits and veggies.

Popcorn popper

popcorn popper image
Software Blender
Time Taken ???
License CC By-SA 4.0
I created this popcorn popper many years ago, might make for a good background object in a kitchen scene, the pieces of popcorn looks pretty good too, I wish I remembered how I had created those as I do recall using some trick to mass produce them. Anyway, here is the file ready for you to use and abuse.

The model is set up to use the Cycles render engine, though could of course be changed around to use Blender internal if you desire.

This mod adds a bunch of Fungi.


Hydrate in style.

The Crops mod adds several new crops, and an entirely new growing dynamic, keep your plants watered, or they'll shrivel up and die, but don't water them too much or they'll mold from too much water.
In this video I go over the bees/beekeeping mod. I do cheat a few times, using the /giveme command to get some elements of the mod, but a great little mod, l highly recommend this to anybody wanting to add a little extra realism to their worlds.
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