It's poodle skirts and retro kitchen all over again.

2x4 Sofa DIY

This is a very simple project, with just a few angle cuts. I recommend using a Chop-saw to cut the lumber to length, but if you don't have one, a circular saw or even a Jigsaw would work. I used webbing under the cushions that form the seat, but you could use plywood instead. If you do use plywood you can ignore the 1x2s that I used, as they are completely unnecessary when using a plywood base. Start by cutting everything to size, if you are making a sofa that is less than eight feet wide adjust the lengths of the boards accordingly. The first set of three cuts are the front and back cross members, those would be the only lengths to change to switch up the width of the sofa.

Building a Computer Desk

     I built myself a custom computer desk, as I had a very specific size I wanted, and didn't feel like paying a lot of money to buy something, especially as I could build something that would last longer than anything I could buy, and cost much less money.
This mod adds a bunch of furniture that you can use to decorate your builds.

This is a decoration mod meant to be simple and well-featured.

Rolltop Bread Box

Picture of a rolltop breadbox.
Software Blender
Time Taken ???
License CC By-SA 4.0
This beautifully handcrafted rolltop bread box awaits the storage of your fresh digital bread. :D It's setup to use the Cycles render engine, but could easily be changed to use Blender internal. The rolling part of the door and the little knob are rigged and ready to go so you can easily animate the opening and closing of the box.
Lets learn how to make items that are joined when placed on top of each other.
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