Record a flight pattern and play it back as many times as you'd like.

DIY Bathroom Shelf

If you've every wanted to build your own custom bathroom shelf this is the blog post for you.

220 to 360 video

360 degree image
Software Blender
Time Taken 5 Hours
License CC By-SA 4.0

This setup was created for Robbie over at Cat5 Technology TV who wanted to merge two 220 degree videos into one 360 video without having to run through a bunch of steps and multiple programs. I'd previously done some 360 degree video for him for a different project so he contacted me with a question. Several hours later, around five, I had these two files. These files are created for use with a camera that shoots 220 degree video rather than full 360 degree. What the files allow you to do is take your raw video footage and put it onto a sphere in Blender and then render it out in different formats, equirectangular for example.
The Single-camera file has everything you'll need if you are using a single video feed. I've included two planes that you can texture with a background and optional logo so you don't have a big black section in the void where the camera recorded no data. Helpful Youtube Tutorial Video
The Dual-camera file has everything you'll need if you are trying to merge two videos filmed on 220 degree cameras. This isn't a fully drop and go solution, you'll have to tweak around rotations of the halves of the meshes to get your seams to be less noticeable, and you'll never get a fully perfect seam, it's simply not possible with this setup. Helpful Youtube Tutorial Video

Cat5 TV 360 Intro

Software Blender
Time Taken 20 hours
License CC By-SA 4.0
     This was my first time ever creating or working with 360 video. I knew Blender was capable of doing it, as I've seen a few clips that the Blender foundation has posted of some of their projects that Google had worked with them to create 360 version of.
     With 360 video still being a newish thing, and rather niche, there weren't a whole lot of tutorials to learn from, and some things I just had to figure out on my own, though I will say that being familiar with Blender certainly helped a lot. I did have to learn how to bake image textures with Cycles, which I'd never done before, but as it turns out it actually really easy, just takes a lot of time for the computer to calculate the image data. Had I not baked the textures I would have been looking at about thirty minutes per frame, and the animation was one-thousand, two-hundred frames which would have killed me. With the baked textures render time dropped to about thirty seconds, which is still a decent amount of time for a clip of that length, but is much easier to deal with.
     Robbie, from Category5 TV, contacted me with a link video clip that somebody else had created and asked if I could create something like it for the premier episode of season ten which Category5 TV was planning to broadcast in 360 video. I looked the video over, and checked into some things, and decided that yes, it should be entirely possible for me to pull it off with the time frame I was given.
     There were a lot of things I had to figure out, and aspects of rendering a scene that were just completely changed with 360 video, for example there is no off camera, everything in the scene the camera picks up, as it is 360, so that means things that the camera would never directly point at had to be modeled. Think of taking a picture, you only have to worry about what is in front of the camera, but with 360 you need to worry about what is behind, above, below, to the left, and to the right, way more work needs to be put into the environment to pull of 360 video, or photography.
     Rather than being compensated with cash, I'll be getting links to my website shared in the show notes, and they plan on interviewing me at some point where I'll be talking about the creation of the clip, so that could potentially pull in a good amount of new subscribers to my channel. (I have 400 subs, they have about 5K) In addition to that they're sending me an HD webcam to use for the interview, and then for anything else after that, and that's got about a seventy dollar value, so I think it's a decent enough amount. Realistically speaking for something that took this much time I should have charged quite a bit more, but I'm still a nobody, and people don't know me as a freelance artist.

     I recorded a behind the scenes video about the creation of the file and how to use it if you want to create your own animation, or just want to use the file as a sample to give you a starting point.

     The download includes the baked textures for the walls, ceiling, and floor. The videos that sit in the frames are not included, nor are the other graphics that decorate the hall, as those aren't something you need, and I don't have permission to distribute them. Please note the download is just over 200MB, as the baked textures are all PNGs and are rather high resolution.

Minetest LP changes

     I've been meaning to do this for a while, but just haven't had the time, or motivation I guess, but today that all changes. I found myself with some free time, and took it upon myself to decide upon a release schedule for all my Minetest videos.

Google+ notifications for posts

     In this post I'm going to show how to get notifications from people or pages on Google+ with limited work on your part. It only takes a minute or two to set up, and you get to reap the results forever.

Sarah's Choice (2007)

     I recently had the pleasure of obtaining a great film called Sarah's Choice, and keeping with my theme I have a review.

The Pretender (Christiano Films)

The Pretender, a Christiano Film (1987)

     I just recently obtained this film, and only last night watched it. I was on the edge of my seat, constantly wondering where the next turn was going to be, what the next surprise would be.

How to screencast in Linux

     So for those of you that follow my youtube channel, and wonder how I get my amazing sounding audio, here is the video for you. In this video I show how I make my screencasts and my trick to making the audio sound so clear and nice sounding.


     What a title, right? well it so happens that Kazam is the name of a Linux screen recording program, and not just a sound effect for super heroes, though I will say the creators of this program are super heroes in my books. :)


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