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Inside The Box is a puzzle server. Unlike most Minetest games there little to no mining and building, and lots of puzzle solving. The game play is entirely different, yet somehow the same. A super fun server to be sure.

This series is me playing the boxes, not the solutions to the puzzles, as in I record the first time playing, maybe edit out a few bits if it gets really long and post the result. I don't solve the puzzle off camera and then record a speed run. You get to hear me trying to figure out how to solve the puzzles. Naturally after watching me solve a puzzle you can do your own speed runs, but I'd recommend you try and solve puzzles by yourself before watching the video as there isn't much fun if you already know the solution. If you enjoy watching me rage about puzzles I can't find the solution for, or like listening to my amazing commentaries this is the playlist for you.

You can learn more about this server by visiting it's website, or forum topic. You can easily enter any box by using the /enter # command, replacing the # with the number of the box. All the videos in the playlist include the box number in their title, and there is a list of boxes as well.

Papa Rubby on youtube is recording speedruns of the boxes, you can find the playlist here.

The background tracks are licensed Attribution-NonCommercial License by Lee Rosevere and you can download them here.