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Sun, 07/17/2011 - 19:18

     “Andrew Berkly Thomas!” The shout rang loud and clear.
     “What could it possibly be now?” Andrew muttered under his breath, “I haven’t been doing anything.” Slowly, dragging his feet, he shuffled toward the school door.
     “What teacher” he said with obvious disgust in his voice, “I ain’t been doing nothing.”
     “Haven’t been doing anything.” she sternly corrected.
     “Ain’t that what I said.”
     “No that’s not what you said, but that’s not why I called you. I’ve heard some very disturbing news.”
     “What do I care?”
     “I don’t quite know, but I’d like to find out. I was just going over the grades, and you haven’t passed, you’re going to have to stay in fourth grade another year.”
     “We’ll see about that.” He yelled over his shoulder as he took off for the farthest corner of the playground.
     In the corner of the playground he conferred with some friends.
     “Teachers out to get me, she says I won’t graduate to the next grade.”
     “Teacher don’t do that to any of us without doing it to all of us.” Jack, one of Andrew’s friends, said.
     “Right.” The rest of the little gang agreed.
     “Alright guys,” Andrew started, but then noticing some kids coming their way, led the gang to another more secluded spot. Once they were out of sight he continued “What we need to do is something that will get me into the next grade.”
     “What are you thinking?” Doug, another of Andrew’s friends said.
     “I don’t know, I was thinking maybe modifying her papers.”
     “That a great idea, but how do we do that?”
     “I’ll think about it, after school we meet back here, okay.”
     The gang dispersed and goofed around the rest of recess. When the bell rang they all obediently filed into class as if there was nothing different from any other day. The two hours of school that remained seemed to drag on forever in Andrew’s mind, but long before dismissal time he had a plan.
     As soon as the class was dismissed the gang ran at top speed out to their hideout. Andrew told them his plan as fast as he could, and then they all ran back to the school building. Andrew led the way to the rec room and grabbed all the jump ropes he could find and got the rest of the gang to start tying them together. As soon as the jump ropes were formed into a long rope he led the way to the teachers only room. By passing the jump-rope through the handle on the door and tying it securely, and tying the other end to a radiator across the hall, they ensured that the teachers wouldn’t be able to exit the room. Doug volunteered to find the breaker box and flip all the breaker to make the building dark as night. As soon as the power was out, Andrew led his gang back to their class. Having grabbed a few flashlights on their escapade, they had sufficient light to see where they were going. As soon as they were in their class they quickly began looking for the papers that had their grades. Once they were found they were carefully gone through, and all took out each others and modified them so they had straight A’s. Carefully the papers were returned to their original location and then the boys silently filed out of the class room and went to the breaker box and returned power. Then they removed the jump-ropes from the door and ran home as fast as they could.
     The teachers after exiting the room they had been trapped in, went out and did their work. Andrew’s teacher took all the grade papers, and without looking at them brought them to the principal so he could file them and write the certificates. He was surprised the the gang of trouble makers had such good grades but didn’t ask about it.
     On the news the headlines were all about the power failure at the school and how the teachers had all been trapped in a room because the electricity was out.