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Sun, 07/17/2011 - 19:12

     My story is about the yellow house down the rode with the dirty, broken windows. I was once dared to climb through one of its broken windows to discover what was inside. I being no coward accepted the challenge, but as I climbed through I noticed bats flying around; I still to this day don’t know if they were vampire bats. Having always heard about the dreadful nature of bats going around attacking people and sucking their blood out you can understand why I almost turned back. I turned on my flashlight and proceeded to shine it back and forth this seemed to calm the bats. I was glad I brought Lampy, my flashlight, with me. As I proceeded up the stair they creaked loudly, making me wonder if they were still sturdy, and scarring me half to death. Once I got to the top I stopped for a bit to figure out where to go. Having never been in the house before, I decided to go in the first door and see what was there. Well the first door I came to was closed and locked but I kicked the rusty doorknob and broke it off, then shoved the door open. As soon as I entered I was getting freaked out cobwebs were everywhere I struggled to get through to the window, which I opened to get some fresh air. I then made my way to what I thought was a door. It was a door and I again struggled to open it inside I found a dark closet I shined my flashlight in. what do you think I saw? It was a skeleton with a knife raise high. I screamed, as I am sure you would have and ran out of the house headless of the cobwebs in my haste to run down the stairs I broke them down luckily there was no basement. So I picked myself up and clambered through the window I came in. still to this day I see that skeleton in my dreams If this was only true “To forgive is to forget” I wish I could forgive that skeleton in the closet because on dark nights I can see the skeleton walking towards me knife upraised ready to kill me