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Heart of stones
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Mon, 12/07/2015 - 19:21

~~Because I had somebody thinking this was a true story I feel inclined to put a disclaimer here.~~
~~This story is fictitious, and entirely made up.~~


     My family had no idea, no idea I was going to be bringing over my girlfriend for supper, no idea she had a nine year old daughter, and I was fine with that.

     I left the house without raising any suspicion, nothing too special about my going out on a Wednesday, they all thought I was going to hit up the local thrift stories as I usually did on Wednesdays, I had other plans though. I drove my red and pink PT Cruiser to her house and rang the doorbell, her uncle answered the door, a look of confusion on his face, "whatever you're selling I don't want to buy it," he started. I chuckled inwardly as I had no plans of selling anything, "Excuse me, I'm not selling anything, I'm here to pick up your niece and her daughter, I'm taking them out on a date." His facial expression instantly changed to one of slight embarrassment, as he said "Sorry bout that, I'll call her right away."

     A few minutes later I had my passengers all safely on board and we headed off to the grocery store to pick up some supplies for the supper we planned to cook. My girlfriend and I had discussed at length what level of intimacy we were okay with expressing in front of her daughter so soon in our relationship, true we had known each other for years but this was my first time really being around her daughter. We didn't want to scare her, though we both agreed our holding hands probably wouldn't be a big deal. I kept the radio low, which was very unusual for me and made conversation that included both mother and daughter, I knew if this was going to work out I would need to win the affections of a nine year old girl. The last thing I wanted her to think was that I was trying to take her mommy away from her, so I made sure to engage her as much as possible without being annoying.

    When we arrived at the supermarket I opened the car doors for both of my ladies and we made our way inside. We had plans for large roast, and a certain nine year old girl insisted that no meal could be complete without ice cream, so I ended up purchasing five quarts of ice cream in addition to the roast and fresh vegetables that we needed for our supper.

     As I drove nearer and nearer home I started to sweat and get nervous, I think my passengers must have noticed because it got very silent. My girlfriend softly asked if I was sure I wanted to go through with this, stating we could always call it off and wait for some other time. I was determined to go through with it though, "No, its now or never, I can't back out now, I've been gone to long, they'd have to find out anyhow." A bead of sweat rolled off my forehead and down my nose. "Not going to lie," I started, "I don't know as that I've ever been this nervous before."

     I heard a small voice from behind me, "Why are you nervous, you said we were going to make some new friends?" Her voice pierced through me, oh how I hoped that would be the case. Could my family look past their own biased views and outlooks and accept these two girls that I loved? I realized that my family might reject her based on her past and the fact she had a daughter, but I cared precious little for their opinions, I disagreed with them on many things. The fact that God forgives me for all my sins motivates me to forgive others and helps me look past their mistakes, and we all make mistakes, fortunately for her daughter my girlfriend had only made one, abortion could have been her second mistake.

     I pulled up to the curb in front of my parents house, yes I still lived at home, though I had a house of my own which was just about ready to be moved into. I wasn't stupid I knew the things that could happen when my dad saw my girlfriend and her daughter, in preparation for what could be the worst I'd moved most all my stuff to my house. If my dad exploded in rage, as I had an idea he would, and threw me out of his house, which wouldn't surprise me too much, I didn't want to lose all my belongings. We walked up the front steps and to the front door, I didn't ring the doorbell, we never did, only strangers used our doorbell and infrequently at that. Peering through the front window I saw my siblings playing video games, I knocked on the glass and my youngest sister came to open the door. As she was walking to the door she must have seen the extra people outside the door as her facial expression changed, she opened the door and wanted to know who the people were with me. When my siblings playing games on the computer heard that I wasn't alone they all ran over to see what was going on. I introduced my girlfriend and her daughter, my siblings didn't really react, they probably didn't know how to, I was the first of us to ever bring a girl over to our house, and the first to ever introduce a girl as my girlfriend.

     I think my girlfriend's daughter was a little overwhelmed as she clung to her mother. We went into the kitchen and put away the food that needed refrigeration and put all the veggies on the counter knowing that they would be fine for the short amount of time before we started preparing supper.

     We headed back to the living room and found my siblings were busy playing on the computer again, and were just occasionally looking at us, most of their energy being expended on watching the computer game. I asked where mom was, and learned that she had gone to Curves, a ladies only gym, but would probably be back soon. I knew that my mom would probably react more than my siblings had, but still less than my dad would. I didn't necessarily want a nine year old girl around when I introduced my girlfriend to my mom, I thought it might be easier for her to handle if we called her in after the initial introduction. I knew my siblings wouldn't be pulled away from their computer game for nearly anything, but one thing I knew would entice them, Lego and lots of Lego. I took my guests up to the room that I shared with my brother and gathered up the three boxes of Lego that I still had at my parent's house, and we brought them downstairs. I knew that my girlfriend's daughter liked Lego so I was fairly sure that she'd have fun playing with them, and my siblings would soon join in, as only one of them were actually playing the game on the computer, and the rest were just watching. Knowing that playing with Lego together is a good way to break the ice, as you have to talk to each other to ask for parts and to show off creations, I figured it would be the best way to get them to all know each other.

     When I saw my mom pulling up the driveway on her motorcycle I took my girlfriend's hand and pulled her into the kitchen so I could introduce her when my mom came in the house. I opened the door for my mom and saw a questioning look envelope her face.
     "Mom, this is my girlfriend," I started, "We've known each other for years from work." Turning to my girlfriend I needlessly said, "This is my mom, as if you didn't already figure that out."

     My mom was clearly at a loss for words, and while her jaw wasn't touching the floor, it was pretty close. It took her a second but she reached out and shook her hand and said hi. We, my girlfriend and I, called her daughter into the kitchen to introduce her to my mother. She was polite, but clearly she wanted to get back to building with Lego, and I certainly didn't want to keep her from that, so it was a short introduction.

     After my mom had taken off her motorcycle gear she came back into the kitchen where my girlfriend and I were still talking and waiting for her. My mom was full of questions, like why I'd never mentioned this girl, and why I would bring somebody over to our house without letting anybody know. I answered my mom's questions as best I knew how. She was almost making my doubt my methods, but still I knew that my family needed to have to get to know the girl before just dismissing her based on her past and the fact she had a daughter. A persons past shouldn't define them, and everybody makes mistakes, some are just a little more obvious and public than others. My parents didn't know of my many dark secrets that I kept hidden from them, and I was fairly certain if they did I would probably not still be living in their house, but I digress.

     After getting over the initial shock my mom seemed pretty okay with things, and left the two of us to our own devices. We were at no shortage of things to talk about or stuff to do as there was a supper for ten to prepare and just a few hours to get it all completed.

     My girlfriend had always told me she wasn't much of a cook, now was the time to find out of that was true or not, we were the chefs for a meal, and things were needing to get done. We pulled the roast out of the refrigerator and trimmed the fat and washed it off before placing it in the crock pot. After a short deliberation over which spices to use, my girl insisted the the Puerto Rican way was the only right way, and while I was open to try new flavors I was a little unsure of how this was going to turn out. We put the meat on high and moved on to the next line of business.

     We washed the veggies, and I fully expected to just be slicing them and putting them in a pot to cook them, but it seemed again as if it was the Puerto Rican way or the highway. I asked her if she was sure they would turn out okay and be edible, her response wasn't too assuring, but she assured me that it was how her mom cooked them. I'd never tasted her mothers cooking, as she still lived in Puerto Rico, but I had no reason to believe that she wasn't a good cook, I did have reason to doubt my girlfriend's abilities, as she'd often commented on how she can't cook or bake. I did manage to convince her that hot sauce wasn't required to be part of the cooking process and that it could be added after the fact to the liking of each of the diners. I figured this way, if the roast turned out to be a flop that we'd still have veggies that should be fine to eat.

     Preparing all the food things took us a while, and my mom came back in the kitchen while we were working, and wove into the conversation, learning more about my girlfriend and her daughter. I tried my hardest to pick up any undertones or subtle hints, but couldn't find anything. That my mom wasn't exactly thrilled that my girlfriend had a daughter was evident, but she seemed rather accepting of the fact that she did have a daughter, and she seemed pleased that she had chosen to raise her daughter rather than killing her. I couldn't hope for my dad to be near so understanding, but I tried not to dwell on that. If my mom decided that she liked this girl enough perchance she could sway my father to not freak out when he met these two precious girls that I had brought over.

    When five o'clock rolled around my siblings headed outside to wait for my dad to get home. I took this chance to load up my Lego and some of my remaining belongings into the trunk of my car so if my dad reacted as I thought he would I wouldn't be loosing too many of my personal belongings.

     I took my girlfriend and her daughter into the kitchen and held their hands, squeezing my girlfriend's hand tightly, I'm sure she could sense my nervousness and she leaned over, nuzzled my ear and whispered that no matter what happened she would still love me anyway and that she didn't need the blessing of my dad to feel confident in our marriage. We positioned ourselves in such fashion so the first thing my dad would see upon opening the door was us three. I heard his motorcycle pulling up the driveway and my siblings shouting. The minute it took for my dad to open the garage door and park his bike seemed to pull on for an eternity. As the door opened I could feel the sweat rolling down my back, just as his face, hidden under a helmet, was coming into view my alarm went off.

     I woke up and found my sheets wet with sweat, and twisted around my body, I groggily rubbed my eyes and reached to turn off my alarm. Despite just waking up I felt exhausted and like I could use a nice nap, but a quick glance at my phone and upcoming events revealed I didn't have time for that I need to be at work in just a few hours, and after the dream I'd had I needed to shower. I was climbing out of bed and stretching when it hit me like a ton of bricks, it was Monday, and I was going to see the cute Puerto Rican girl at work after her week long vacation.