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Epic Server Changelog April 2020
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Thu, 04/30/2020 - 14:35

Updated Mobs_redo.
Added a modded doc_modpack, and a lecturn with an encyclopedia.
Added locked book, and vessel shelves, at the request of SiliconPenguin.

Added Chat3 mod, you can now ignore players.
Removed the discord bridge.
Added a temp message mod, because this is evidentally kindergarten and I need to baby people. @_@
Added a list of shame near the jail where you can see people that were jailed, and their crimes.

removed TV recipe from Xdecor.
Added bone drops to a handful of mobs.

Fixed obsidian, so it is mostly blast proof again.

Clarified some of the rules. Fixed a bug with the hangglider.
Added throwable snowballs at the request of Choke.
Added trap ice. Updated commodity market code, hopefully this fixes the mobile crash.

Fixed a crash from the fishing mod bobbers.
Updated mobs redo so the rare weapons wear out as they should.
Fixed crashes from some other mods.
Added caverealm items to the tombstone creator.

Updated ingame rules to mirror the rules on the website.

Fixed the texture on the lectern.
Fixed some bugs with the hangglider.
Added more recipes to the stations.

Gliders no longer remove your physics boosts.

Sprinting should work as expected, increasing your speed even if your armor already increases speed.
Added some new trap blocks at the request of dhausmig
Updated beds mod so player physics aren't overridden.
Torch crossbows can be repaired at the smithy station.

Fixed a crash from the canoe.

Added a lectern, you can now write long sprawling novels in game, and share them with others.

Fixed a bug with the drawers, thanks to daniel1 for pointing it out.
Area protections will flip players when they try to interact in an area that isn't theirs.
Updated cloudlands, seems to have fixed the crashes. Many thanks to the mod creator for fixing the bugs.
Fixed an error with Armor, reported by SiliconPenguin.
Furniture and stations that take up multiple nodes can no longer be rotated.
Updated drawers mod, should hopefully fix the Z-fighting.

Adding a fishing mod. Tweaked scorpion spawning again.

Migrated sever to new hardware, and upgraded to Minetest 5.2.0.
Added a handful of new furniture nodes.

Added some gnome sounds.