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Changes made to the Epic Server during February 2020.
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Sat, 02/29/2020 - 14:41

Added asteroid bricks and recipes to craft them. Thanks to LadyK for the textures.

Added scythe, use it to harvest crops and automatically replant the seeds.

Added woodworking station, along with a few pieces of furniture.
Added some new signs. Tweaked the underwater breathing armor.
Gnomes now take damage in the dark, and should die overnight, unless they are around lights.
Added locked stations, locked and unlocked can be swapped between in the crafting grid.

Added recipes to cook dirt to dry_dirt to scorched_dirt. Added Extra_doors mod.
Added burnt wood and prismarine to moreblocks.

Added a course to earn the lumberjack priv, and one to explain the markets.
Added the smartshop mod. Tweaked the protection block area display so it shows for a longer period of time.
Added claimable mailboxes, just waiting on somebody to build a post office.

Fixed a small bug with the areas privileges.

Further tweaking and balancing of the armor. Tweaked the damage of many mobs
Added Titanium armor. Massive improvements to armor.

Tweaked cavefreaks and gnomes. Tweaked the crossbow so the arrows shoot further.
Added more stained glass options. Added armor that protects against fire.
Overhauled armor system. Added more information to the armor screen. Increased player HP to 50.

Added the ability to milk she goats. Thanks to LadyK for the idea.
Added lead ore, lumps, and wire. Added a Glazier workshop, used to make stained glass.

Added mobs to floating islands. Added priv courses available in school by spawn.
Stopped the gnomes from planting grass and flowers in farm fields!
Added new statues and information to the hall of Wisdom.
Fixed awards so eating related awards should work.
Fixed a crash in the drinks mod.

Added dry_dirt_with_dry_grass to pineapple spawn, so they should be discover-able.
Tweaked hangglider again, to hopefully stop the area protection from harming people.
Updated the list of mobs the crossbow is effective on. Should work on all mobs now.

Added tell mod, message offline players with /tell <playername> <message>.

Added gnomes! Added land deeds, required for using areas protection.
Fixed papyrus growth, updated drinks mod to respect protections.