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Epic Server Changelog July 2020
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Fri, 07/31/2020 - 14:28

Added flours, flour mill, food prep station, and lots of bread.

Players are no longer invincible when in carts, or on boats.
Added some new stained glass panes. Thanks to Alfred for the textures.

Added toolranks, and a way to repair tools to keep the rank information.
Check out the Toolranks information in Help > Server Specific Information > Toolranks for more information.

Fixed a little issue in the drinks mod.

You can ride tamed Ostriches.

Oranges and Bananas can be turned into Juice.

Cooling lava now has a few options of what node will place.
Cleaned up the hangglider mod.
Fixed orange tree spawning.

Printing press checks above node before placing.
Massive overhaul of armor/combat systems.

Added some new armor.
Fixed leafdecay that was accidentally broken with the addition of orange and banana trees.
Added the ability to add enchantments to diamond armor, without needing to craft a new set.

Added some new drops to mobs.

Boosted the durability of the titanium scythe.
Added maxhp. You can learn more about it in the encyclopedia, or by running /helpform

Added Orange and Banana trees, Thanks Zachary.
Tweaked some recipes in the spinning wheel.
Removed a few mods, hopefully will add them back soon. Trying to figure out what's causing the lag.

Added pedestals.

3d_armor page in inventory shows more armor stats.
Added Burlap, which can be used to make metal armor.
Added some sever specific help information to the doc modpack.
Added a few more nodes to the tablesaw, and morelights.

Added some ores to Nether basalt.
Updated playeranim, might fix the player model issue for some people.

Pandas should spawn in Jungles. Thanks Daniel1
Added placeable ingots, show off your riches in style.
Bonemeal will grow jungle grass on rainforest litter.
Printing presses are now craftable.
Most default tools now need to be crafted in stations.
Added AFK detection, thanks again to Zachary
Lava will cause damage when you stand near it.