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Sun, 01/15/2012 - 23:20

Sorry to break my Linux topic trend, but this is Random Techy Rants after all. I'll be getting back to my Linux posts after this post, but I recently went to Milwaukee PC and they left a BAD taste in my mouth, so I did what any good blogger would do, make a blog post complaining about them.

So I went to Milwaukee PC so we could get DSL set up for our home. The salesman had the router ready for us, and I did have a few questions. We needed filters for our phones, and he said that the router came with four, but then wanted to know if we had any wall mount phones, which we have one of, and then he gets this other filter that costs 13 dollars and starts telling me that I'll have to buy that. I was confused, the four filters it comes with is more than enough for my two phones, why do we need to spend 13 more dollars for this filter, when the other ones will work???

The DSL router has one Ethernet output and he wanted to know if we'd ever want to hook up more computers to the network, and I told him that I have a wireless router, which I'd actually brought along, and he started telling me that it might not work, and he could test it. Now I'm not WIZARD with it comes to networking and internet, but I know enough to know that I'll have no issues, my wireless router doesn't care where the internet in comes from, it could be coming from a computer, or another router or any other internet source, it's not going to matter, or have any trouble working.

Finally, I was looking for a new battery for my laptop, and asked if they carry laptop batteries because I was already at the store, figured maybe I could save a trip to Batteries Plus, he said they don't, but they can order them, takes a day to get it, costs between 110 and 150 dollars. I tell him I'm going to be going over to Batteries Plus and pick one up. He right away starts telling me that they sell cheap batteries and I'd be much better off buying from them. I told him, they have all Rayovac, and they're good batteries, and he tells me that they sell really cheap batteries and they aren't really Rayovac. When I get to Batteries Plus, what do I see? every single laptop battery, and most all of the electronics batteries, all Rayovac. I don't know if the salesman at that store told me a single thing that was true. I asked him about in interface on the router, and he tells me that I never need to look at it, and I shouldn't. tells me not to look at the software on the included CD, and I'm like, Dude, you are not being helpful, and I'm not coming back.

I don't know if all Milwaukee PCs are like the one I went to, but you know what they say about first impressions, and they gave me a bad first impression.

Salesmen should be helpful and not think that their customers are ignorant. Just because I've never had internet to my house before doesn't mean I don't know anything about it. A good salesman should not try to convince me to buy things I don't need, he should listen to my questions and tell me the most inexpensive way to accomplish what I want to do, and then tell me other methods that are more expensive, but would work better afterwards.