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Creating collision boxes for Meshes

This is an easy way to create collision boxes from your OBJ meshes to use in Minetest.

Blender 3d Hidden Blender Animations

Every once in a while you find yourself with a blend file, that clearly has animations, but the animations aren't showing when you scrub through the timeline, you know that they exist because you can see them when you start up the internal game engine, so where are those actions hidden? Well I recently experienced this, and it took a while, but I found the animations, so I thought I would share my discovery in the hopes that this post could help somebody else out at some point.

Blender Quick Tip: AO Baking

Hello guys, I'm here with another Blender quick tip, today we're looking at AO baking, there really isn't much too it, and I'm confident you'll be able to figure it out after watching this video. You honestly probably could figure it out without the video too, but for the beginner, which you might be, this video could be helpful.

Blender Quick Tip: Selective UV unwrapping

Here again with another Blender quick tip, this time we're looking at how to selectively unwrap your mesh in Blender.