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Call Me Maybe

You need me, or the site looks stupid.

Baptist Baloney

For the last few months I've been attending a Baptist congregations services, due to no choice of my own, I should add. In that time I've been blown away with all the illogical and downright stupid things I've heard. This blog post is dedicated to all the stupid, illogical, things I've heard said.

Convicting yourself much?

You just have to love music these days, there is so much stupidity in it, it leaves me wondering what people were thinking when they wrote songs, and if they didn't think of the effects of confessing to doing crimes in their music, not going to go very well in court when you have a song telling the world what you did....

Need You Now what does it mean?

I work in retail, and I don't control the music that plays at my store, so I get to hear all sorts of music, most of which I don't care for, but some I really just don't get, like this song: Need You Now, by Lady Antebellum.

"Attacking" the baptist church

I don't usually take to my blog to "attack" "Christians" but I'm going to make an exception or two here. In this first blog post I'll be asking why "church" leaders have such problems with loud music, or any sort of CCM. Now not all leaders do, I had a pastor at a local church who didn't have any trouble with CCM and allowed us to play it before and after the service.

Second blog post "attacking" pastors

Second blog post "attacking" pastors.