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DIY Raised Beds DIY Raised Beds

Raised beds are a great way to get into gardening, you get all the benefits of fresh veggies, but skip the toilsome bending over to pull weeds and harvest the crops. They also help keep some pesky critters away that would love to eat your produce. I built three raised beds in my front yard. The design is super basic just a rectangle with 4x4s in the corners, and 1x4s running along the sides. I made my raised beds about six by four, and around thirty inches tall.

DIY Bed Frame DIY Bed Frame

When I bought my house I realized that I needed a bed, or rather a better bed, but I couldn't fit a normal box spring into my car, and I wasn't about to pay for delivery, so I did what any sane person would do, built my own. If you want to build your own here are some simple instructions and a material list to go along with the video I made of the process.

DIY Chopsaw table DIY Chopsaw table

How to build a simple chopsaw table to increase your efficiency.

DIY Bathroom Shelf DIY Bathroom Shelf

If you've every wanted to build your own custom bathroom shelf this is the blog post for you.

2x4 Workbench 2x4 Workbench

A 2x4 workbench is super easy to build, and super sturdy, well assuming you use quality lumber to build it. What I love about this design is that there are no complicated cuts, and only three or four different lengths you need to cut your lumber too.

Building a Computer Desk Building a Computer Desk

How to build your very own custom computer desk. This desk can be used for other things as well, I have three in my house, Two for computers and one for an extra counter in my dining room.