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"Attacking" the baptist church

I don't usually take to my blog to "attack" "Christians" but I'm going to make an exception or two here. In this first blog post I'll be asking why "church" leaders have such problems with loud music, or any sort of CCM. Now not all leaders do, I had a pastor at a local church who didn't have any trouble with CCM and allowed us to play it before and after the service.

Depression vs. Happiness

Depression is an mental illness, so what's happiness? Come on, be real, it's a mental illness right? Use some logic. If depression is an illness, happiness would also have to be.

Second blog post "attacking" pastors

Second blog post "attacking" pastors.

The Lord of the Rings Reviewed

I know I promised to put up a post about The Lord of the Rings movie series a while back, but I never got around to it, here it is though.

Forever Alone?!?!?!

To all the single haters out there, making a stink about how they hate the happy couples posting about how they love each other, and hanging out at the malls and whatever, who do you think is listening to you? Do you think the happy couples are going to break up because you are being a hater. Or do you think that this will find that special somebody for you, 'cause people are attracted to haters?

My jokes are always funny

You need me, or the site looks stupid.