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On this site I mostly have Minetest related content, but you'll also find some of my favorite recipes, random blog posts, my portfolio, and a few other small little things you may be interested in. I'm still working on transferring content from my old site over, so there may be a few broken links here and there, but they should be getting fewer and fewer as time goes on.

To keep with the current trend of telling people how much money you are making doing things online I've created a page where I list my earnings and such, you can find it here. I don't make very much money off of this, but I enjoy doing it, so that makes it all okay. Plus I have a real job to pay the bills and stuff, so this is all just extra spending money, which is mostly all thrown back into the production of more content.

For any and all Minetest questions/requests please use minetest(at)nathansalapat(dot)com all other inquires should be made to nathan(at)nathansalapat(dot)com. I don't check any of my social media very often, using it mostly just to share my mod review videos, so if you contact me on any of those platforms you probably won't get a response until Monday.

If you are interested in supporting my content you can find several ways, some of which don't even cost you any money, on this page.