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Epic Server Changelog December 2019
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Sat, 12/28/2019 - 00:21

Fixed the output of the puck creator, stacks should only go up to 99 now.
Added some more zombie clothing options, should see fewer naked zombies!
Added a recipe for the fuel puck creator. Added recipe for anti-fire powder.
Tweaked Fire mod, so the anti-fire powder puts fires out better.
Added stone with salt, and salt. Tweaked scorpion code, pets should be healable now. They should also teleport to the player if they get too far away. Pick them up if you plan on teleporting, as this method does require the mob to be loaded.
Added scorched dirt. Created better methods of creating fire lanes.

Added fuel puck creator, add leaves, seeds, or flora and get fuel pucks.
Added recipe scrolls, they drop from some mobs, and show recipes for the mortar.
Added a few more tools to the repairable list.

Added new enchanted armor, currently no way to craft it.
Added magic heal powder, heals the user, and people nearby.
All mobs should now have a chance of dropping gold coins.
Removed the ability to craft TNT. Tweaked fires, wood now leaves ash behind.
Added an "anti fire bomb" that can be used to put out forest fires.

Added a Mortar and Pestle to grind magic powders and potions.
Fixed the bows so they damage all the mobs. Added a tool repair station.

Added sounds to the spawn stone. Created new gold coin texture.
Updated Minetest_game. Added teleport powder for use with /tpr and /tphr.