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I was asked by the man, DuCake himself, to record a series on this server. The server seems to have a lot of modified elements, this isn't your default Minetest_game here, there are mobs, and a lot of them. Some of the mobs are friendly, and some are quite mean, its up to you to figure out which is which, and catch them all and display them in your very own Vivarium. The custom subgame that this server is running is still under development so some things will be changing as I play. As always when I play online, and am recording, I'll have chat turned off.

This server is no longer available.

If watching my videos wasn't enough already DuCake, or Tai Kedzierski has his own youtube channel where he posts more of behind the scenes type videos about the server and updates and changes he has made. Subscribe to him here.