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This server has since been reset, mods have been changed, and nothing that I created is still in existance, this video has little purpose other than for entertainment at this point. Of course the basics are true of any server or even single player game.

Here are my final thoughts on the Unknown Server, and yes, the server is actually called unknown. At the time of my playing it was a rather quiet server, not too many people playing, and if you travel for a little bit away from spawn you can find completely untouched land and play in peace. It is always day, which makes traveling to find a nice place to build very easy, as you are never running around in the dark trying to find things. I don't believe I ever experienced a server crash, so it seems to be stable that way, it is running an older version of Minetest game, probably 0.4.13 or so, as it doesn't have the new fences that connect to wooden blocks. The only problem I had with the server was trouble connecting and some pretty bad lag, up to about two seconds at times. I don't think the lag was a problem on my end, as I've played on other servers without issues, so it could be a hosting problem.