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Increase your max HP and breath.
Adds Aurora Borealis to the night sky in cold areas.
Like TNT but bigger.
Let the world come back after a fire.
Do I really need to explain what a goodie bag is?
Collect items and gain unlimited items.
Make maps in Minetest!
Adds a labyrinth of underground rooms and halls.
This mod let's you place 'balloons' in the air without needing to first build a stack of nodes.
This mod adds animation to the player head in Minetest.
Adds a dirt path and some walking stones.
Using scythes and sickles you can easily harvest and replant large patches of crops with minimal effort and time.
This mod adds a bunch of Scifi inspired nodes.
Fill a space with a given node.
Shop from ANYWHERE.
Protect your lands, blow things up.