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Track your friends, or enemies.
Export Minetest builds to your favorite 3d modeling software.
Keep people from messing with other peoples' stuff.
Let the wind fill your sails.
This mod filters the chat.
Spend less time waiting for plants to grow.
This mod implements shops that depend on supply and demand.
Just a simple mod that adds cement that can be sanded and dyed.
If you've ever worried about running out of ores, this mod creates a renewable ore resouce, well sort of.
An auto-crafting bench.
This mod adds underwater temples/pyramids
This mod let's you save numerous home points that you can teleport to with a simple chat command.
A little 'big' something to spice up the deserts.
Turn your organic materials into fuel.
Breathe underwater.
Lava tools automatically give you the smelted/cooked version of nodes when you dig them.