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This mod let's you save numerous home points that you can teleport to with a simple chat command.
A little 'big' something to spice up the deserts.
Turn your organic materials into fuel.
Breathe underwater.
Lava tools automatically give you the smelted/cooked version of nodes when you dig them.
This mod adds 15 different chests with shared storage.
Need to get to a high place and don't feel like climbing? A hot air balloon might be just the ticket.
This mod let's you change several aspects of your characters skin, and the size of your player model.
With hoppers you can automate a variety of things.
Is your lawn as green as it could be?
Beautify your yards, or build mazes.
This mod adds another step in creating steel and adds some new blocks.
Falling, with style.
It's like coal, but made of wood.
Troll people on servers*.
Automate all the things!