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Just please drink responsibly.
Ride bicycles in Minetest!
This mod adds magical weapons.
This mod adds a bunch of guns that can be used to protect oneself from unfriendly mobs or other players.
If you've ever wanted to honor a fallen friend, or just create a neat cemetery this is the mod for you.
If you get bored of just mining stone this mod is for you.
Impress people with your riches
This mod adds lucky blocks that give a variety of surprises.
Get rewarded with XP for your in game actions
Asteroid layers for Minetest
This mod adds an extra level of realism to water in Minetest.
Everybody needs a little more organization in their life.
Build "OSHA" approved walkways for your factories.
Stairs that are on an angle.
A guide to all the crafts.
Merge two chests and get one larger chest, and make huge gains.