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This mod adds a grappling hooks and rope, and are used to climb vertical walls.
This is a decoration mod meant to be simple and well-featured.
Get your own chariot in the sky.
Dig in style, and be the master of tunneling.
This mod adds a bunch of Fungi.
This mod changes leaves around to be a little more decorative.
Add growing trees to your worlds.
Build the best preindustrial era buildings.
Build epic castle like never before, with the medieval themed nodes included in this mod.
This mod adds colored glass, stained glass, glass lights and one way glass.
Stop running around all over the map to travel.
Hydrate in style.
This mod overwrites default:books so they can be placed as objects in the world.
More plants is a simple mod that adds a few new decorative plants.
Add some decorative blocks to your worlds and be the envy of everybody on your block.
This mod adds an in game bot that can help with server moderation.