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In this chapter we'll finally get to some basic coding. We'll start by learning what files are all required just to create a mod and then we'll create a few nodes and recipes for those nodes.

01 First node and recipe. Two basic nodes and recipes.
02 More Recipes. Shaped, shapeless, groups, replacements, cooking, fuels.
03 Groups, how they relate to tools, and can be used in recipes.
04 textures. How to use different textures on the side, probably cover facedir as well.
05 drawtypes. Different draw types that can be used. Nodeboxes and Meshes will get their own lesson.
06 Nodeboxes, NBE Create a simple nodebox and texture.
07 Meshes, Blender, create a simple mesh and texture.
08 Selection_box/collision_box
09 inventory_image, wield_image
10 Sounds
11 Conclusion, anything I may have missed in previous lessons.