I will be streaming Feb 1st, at 14:00 GMT

Epic Server

This server was born from a livestream, and several of the people that joined wanted me to keep the server up longterm, so here we are. :)

I should get some important legal stuff out of the way, this server, as all internet connected devices, records the IP of anything that connects to it, the IP is linked to usernames. I don't share the IPs, or use them for anything, it's just part of the server's way of identifying people. If you don't want me to have your IP address don't play on the server, it's just that simple.

This server is set in a medieval type time period, so don't expect too much in the way of automation or modern looks. PVP is enabled, but that doesn't mean you have to attack everybody you see. :D As things progress I'll probably add more information to this page, including more rules, and information.

You can get a custom player skin, just send me the skin file, or link either via email or PM on discord and I'll add it to the server. I reserve the right to regect any skin for any reason.
  1. Never ever ask for, or give out, any personal information, this is a bannable offense.
  2. Don't be rude.
  3. Don't spam chat.
  4. Absolutely no talking about fortnite. :P

Now the information you were probably looking for to get interact type the command /squareoranges