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Epic Server Changelog May 2020
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Sun, 05/31/2020 - 14:32

Blocks cut in the tablesaw loose a little bit of brightness.
Caverealm glow crystals cut in the tablesaw glow now.
Removed the ability to set a home in a protected area, unless you own the protection.

Added locked multishelves.
Caverealms Glow crystals can be cut, but they don\'t glow.

Got the Discord bridge back up.

Glow worms can be burnt. Astroid stone and stone brick added to the tablesaw.
Added the filler mod which lets you place a solid plane of a single node. Craft it in the smithy station.
Pressure plates can be used to open/close castle gates.
Fixed a bug reported by Alfred where fabric couldn't be used in the armor recipes.
Landscaping machines now check for space before placing.

Fixed the ruby glow crystal so it grows.

Glowingdiamond and glowingdiamond tools have been added.
Added a diamondblock light.
Updated some textures. Added a saddle so you can ride scorpions.

The Cavrealms glow crystals can now be grown.
Added craft for ceiling lantern.

Small bug fixes and backend improvements.
Added a metal sign hanging bracket.

TNT no longer can start things on fire.
Reverted back to wielded_light, as I have been unable to recreate the crash.
Tweaked the rules, so the interact information is immediately visible.

Added a few new furniture models.
Updated Mobs_redo again.

Rats can now eat cheese, requested by daniel1 and Dashhyphen2.
Removed wielded_light and replaced with walking_light.