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I will be streaming August First, 19:00 UTC.

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These handy store nodes let you sell an unlimited amount of things, for any type of payment. No more inventory to worry about. Want to sell diamond swords, but sick and tired of making diamond swords to sell? Well with this mod you don't need to make any, save the first one. These nodes will pull items out of empty bytes, and put the payment into the void.

Basically you don't need inventory to sell and you don't collect payments.

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More Fire This mod adds campfires, 3d torches, flint, a lighter, oil lanterns and lantern oil, a smoke bomb and molotov cocktail.
Drinks Hydrate in style.
Tombs If you've ever wanted to honor a fallen friend, or just create a neat cemetery this is the mod for you.
Autostore Server admins, sell stuff without having to have stuff.