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I created this low poly scorpion while doing a three video tutorial series on modeling, rigging, and animating. I was planning on sharing the model already for anybody that watched the tutorial videos, and liked the way the model turned out so much that I thought I'd put it on my portfolio as well.
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Export Minetest builds to your favorite 3d modeling software.
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Mon, 01/08/2018 - 22:14
This is an easy way to create collision boxes from your OBJ meshes to use in Minetest.
Lets create models that look very blocky.
Learn about how to rig your models and bring them to life.
In this video I'll be covering how to animate an armature in Blender.
Lets take a look at some modeling in Blender.
In this video I'll be looking at how to layer textures on mobs.
In this video I'll be explaining how to use multiple materials on a node.
In this video we'll be modeling and rigging a simple vehicle.
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