Published: Sun, Jul 8 - 2018
     One of the difficult parts of using Meshes in Minetest for nodes has always been figuring out the collision/selection boxes. Many times it's possible to just use a full node collision box for nodes smaller than a full box, but sometimes you need more precision. In the past I always used the trial and error approach. Change one value, launch the game, place the node, and see which face moved and how much more it needs to be moved. Rinse and repeat, for all six faces, objects that had more than one collision box just meant that I needed to do more cycles to get everything...
Published: Sun, Jul 3 - 2016
Published: Sat, Dec 19 - 2015
     Here again with another Blender quick tip, this time we're looking at how to selectively unwrap your mesh in Blender. Say for example you made some changes to your model, but they didn't effect all the faces of your mesh, maybe you just extruded a few faces, or perchance you moved some around and created a stretched effect on the mapping, stretching can be fixed by just changing the uv manually, but why do manually what you can do automatically ;) (honestly if it is something small just try it manually, it can save a lot of work if the auto unwrap doesn't turn out the...
Published: Sat, Dec 19 - 2015
     Hello guys, I'm here with another Blender quick tip, today we're looking at AO baking, there really isn't much too it, and I'm confident you'll be able to figure it out after watching this video. You honestly probably could figure it out without the video too, but for the beginner, which you might be, this video could be helpful.
Published: Mon, May 18 - 2015
     Okay, so that might not be the best title in the world, but in this blog post I'm going to be going over how to fix lighting issues with meshes exported from Blender and then used in the massively popular voxel game, Minetest. The biggest issue I think people have is all because of Normals. Blender is usually pretty good with keeping normals pointed in the right direction but every once in a while you'll get some normals that are a little confused and point backwards. You might not notice it in Blender, but once the mesh is in the game the lighting on it will always...
Published: Wed, Nov 26 - 2014
     I had to add some film grain to a composite a while back, and searched around on the web for a simple, yet good looking way to do this. I found a short explanation of a method, but no pictures or anything, so I decided I'd play around with it, and once I figured it out, I recorded a quick video tutorial so if somebody else was looking for the same thing they could hopefully find out how to do it.

Published: Thu, Jul 24 - 2014
In the course of two days, I made this model, probably about three hours total modeling time. I rendered it with Cycles, about 250 passes on this image. The model was modeled after a physical CD tower I have, 'cept mine is full of albums. It's been a while since I've put anything on Blendswap so it was good to get this uploaded.
The link for the download is right below the image.
  Download here:
Published: Wed, Jun 25 - 2014
     I've had the privilege to work with a great team for the last eighteen months or so, and we've just released a feature length film entitled The Life of Christ. The film is a documentary of Jesus' life, huge surprise there. I got to travel far and wide, as I was the main actor, it was a lot of work, but a lot of fun too. The film and all it's source are being released under a creative commons licenses, which will allow people to use the content in creating their own stuffs.
     We're going to release the film as a torrent to make it easier...
Published: Sat, Dec 7 - 2013
My latest submission to

      I've created about thirty trim/moulding profiles, using curves in Blender, because I used curves you can easily trim up a room just by using a curve with interpolation set to vector and not have to worry about getting good corners with a mesh version.
     I'm going to add more profiles to this blend as time goes on and I want to add some more textures and a little system for creating picture frames, right now I'm having problems with that, because of the rotation needing to be...
Published: Sat, Jul 6 - 2013
       Long exposure photography of fireworks is so beautiful, and maybe you wish you could get some nice pictures, but either your camera doesn't have a feature for that, or you can never seem to get the timing right.
     In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to create long exposure shots from video of fireworks. It should be noted that this method won't create an image as good a quality as taking a real long exposure picture, but more on that later.

     What you'll need: A video of...