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Play Portal in Minetest
Save time by removing water with sponges.
This mod adds a chess board and playing pieces.
Spice up the underground with the Caverealms_lite mod.
Bring your worlds to life with Mobs.
It's the little things that make a big difference.
Sometimes you just want a little extra color.
A better way to put out fires.
Say good bye to floating structures.
This mod creates a form of teleportation that is very well suited for subways and the like.
This mod adds all sorts of barbecued foods, both meat and veggie.
Quickly dig tunnels in a variety of shapes.
This mod creates fun cities to explore.
Repair your tools with a satisfying ring.
Record a flight pattern and play it back as many times as you'd like.
If you are looking for a mapgen with a harsh climate, and a real challenge to survive this is for you.