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Easily light up massive underground caverns.
Improve your mining expeditions, and collect more materials.
Add a handful of new foods to your worlds, and some new recipes.
Now you can rival Evel Knievel.
10-4 Breaker Breaker
Sell things to other players with this mod.
Sell things to people for other things.
This mod adds smoke generation to fire, lava, and furnaces.
This mod let's you create flying entities by 'gluing' nodes together in game.
It's poodle skirts and retro kitchens all over again.
The sweet sound of silence.
Gradient effects for your landscapes.
A surefire way to make sure you don't end up with messy floating trees.
Do you want weeds in your virtual worlds?
This mod adds 62 new biomes and a lot of new stone types.
Return to someplace you've been before.